How Do I Care For My Himalayan Salt Lamp

Last Updated: OCT 06, 2022
Because of its natural properties, Himalayan salt lamps have many benefits. It purifies the air in your home and helps you sleep. They are natural ionizers meaning they change the electrical charge of the air. In addition, they provide a calming glow to your bedroom before you go to sleep.
If your lamp is genuine Himalayan salt, it will require you to take good care of it since it can leak water if it absorbs moisture from the air (they are known as hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture). Although you should know how to care for your salt lamp, this is completely normal.
Authentic lamps are not shiny; their glow should be muted and soft.
1. Lamps should not be used in environments with high moisture levels.
Our recommendation would be to use a dehumidifier to clear the air first so that your salt lamp does not absorb all the moisture from your bedroom. 
2. Keep your lamp on at all times
The globe radiates heat, which prevents the lamp from absorbing moisture. Leave the lamp on for a minimum of 16 hours a day but if you want, you can leave it on 24 hours a day.
3. Try installing a bulb with a higher wattage
This will emit more heat into the salt lamp, so that it can cope with a room with more moisture. Even so, this will not solve the issue of a humid environment that is not conducive to creating a peaceful night's sleep. The purpose of a salt lamp is not to eliminate moisture, but rather to change the electrical charge of the air. For the globe to work with the salt, it must be at least 25 watts.
4. Do not place your lamp onto metal surfaces
Salt lamps tend to corrode metal, and if you use one near your computer, avoid placing it on the monitor base as it will damage the screws. Place it on a wooden, glass or plastic surface instead.
5. Wipe it down
In our experience, it is best to wipe down the lamp with a slightly damp cloth to ensure that it doesn't collect dust. Some say that the lamp doesn't need to be cleaned, but in our opinion it keeps it looking fresh. This should be done once every month, and it will also give you an opportunity to review the lamp's overall condition.
6. Where not to use your salt lamp
It is a good idea to keep salt lamps away from open windows and avoid placing them outdoors. Also, it is not a wise idea to put them on top of electrical items like microwaves, televisions, or speakers. Although these items can be used as a protection against the electrical charges that are given off by these items, they should not be placed on top of them.
By following these tips, your salt lamp will remain in great condition for many years to come. They also make great gifts. Happy Salting.
A salt lamp in the bedroom good condition