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    Why Use Bluetooth Headphones For Sleep?

    women wearing bluetooth headphones for sleeping

    Is it ok to sleep with headphones on?

    Sleep mask with headphones

    Which are the most comfortable headphones for sleep?

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    Which Apps, Podcasts & Sounds are best for sleep?

    If you have recently purchased some new sleeping headphones you will be thinking about what the best sounds, apps and stories you can listen to. Read on for our suggestions.

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    Benefits Of Using Sleep Headphones When Flying

    Lets explore the benefits of using sleep headphones while flying and address the question on whether Bluetooth sleep headphones can be connected to in-flight systems.

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    The New Craze in Sleep Technology

    Sleep Headphones are the new craze in sleep technology - read about the benefits and feedback from some early adopters.

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    SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

    SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

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    Experience first-class relaxation while wearing our SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Mask with ultra thin headphones.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    SleepSoftly™ Deluxe features the most technically advanced sleep headphones on the market, with enhanced sound quality and greater battery endurance thanks to their ultra-thin, 4mm speakers and durable, soft coverings.

    Key features:

    • Ultra-thin & soft 4mm speakers
    • Adjustable speaker positioning & Velcro strap
    • Up to approx. 12 hours playtime from 1 charge
    • 100% light blocking
    • Breathable & washable material (Hand wash only)
    • Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device 
    • Built-in microphone to answer phone calls  
    • Portable roll-up design  
    • Built-in front zip for a small ice or heat pack 
    • Connect to Siri and use voice commands to control your device (Apple devices only)

    What's Included:

    • SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Sleep Mask & Headphones
    • Luxury Storage & Travel Bag
    • Instruction manual (view PDF)
    • Micro USB Charging cable

    Why are they so popular?

    • Increasing the amount of quality sleep you achieve each night 
    • Block out light due to them being integrated into a traditional eye mask with a soft nose covering
    • Delivers sound quality that's next to none, enjoy music therapy and sleep sounds
    • Cooling fabric that's breathable
    • They stay put during your sleep regardless of the sleep positions you prefer
    • Hours of playtime due to the long-life battery
    • Ultra-thin flat speakers that cannot be felt by side sleepers
    • Pair with any Bluetooth device
    • Adjustable volume and control panel built in, no need to reach for your phone to control
    • Light pressure around your eyes, with adjustable Velcro strap for different head sizes
    • Light sleepers find these especially effective as they provide extra comfort and can suppress ambient noise.


    • Headphone band: 90% Cotton for comfort
    • Inner lining: 10% blend of Spandex and Polyester, designed with small gaps to enhance breathability and provide a silky cooling feel


    • Classic Deluxe: Uses Bluetooth connectivity to play your own music or ambient sounds via an external device.
    • White Noise Deluxe: Comes with 20 preloaded soothing sounds and 4 tranquil music tracks; No Bluetooth device required for sound playback.


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