SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
Bluetooth headphones for sleeping
4mm thin speakers in sleep mask
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deluxe sleep headphones compared to generic brands flexible & soft 4mm thin speakers for side sleepers
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SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Sleeping Aids - Sleep Dreams Online
SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Sleeping Aids - Sleep Dreams Online
SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

SleepSoftly SKU: Deluxe-LG-Classic

SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

SleepSoftly SKU: Deluxe-LG-Classic
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Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Male Side sleeper headphones with speakers
100% satisfaction guarantee award

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident in the quality of our Deluxe Headphones, therefore we provide a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, you can return them.

product of the year sleep headphones award

2023 Product of the Year

Our Deluxe Headphones were the most sold product of the year, earning them the title of Best Choice Product. Experience the quality that has earned widespread acclaim.

As featured on 7 News

We are thrilled to announce that our Sleep Headphones were recently featured on 7 News! Described as "The one travel item shoppers are rushing to snap up this season," our innovative headphones have garnered rave reviews.

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Retreat Into Darkness

Our sleep headphones fit comfortably, with a nose flap to block out all light, creating the perfect dark retreat. The strap adjusts easily, making sure the mask stays snug and secure for undisturbed sleep all night. Ideal for shift workers.

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Melt The Stress Away

Indulge in a restful night's sleep with your favorite sleep music at the touch of a button. Simply use the application on your phone or tablet to access a world of soothing sounds - whether it's on Spotify, Calm, iTunes, or another platform, the possibilities are endless.

Genuine Label Only

To guarantee you're receiving a Sleep Dreams original, always check for our label. It's your assurance of high quality and confirms you've chosen the authentic Sleep Dreams experience, unmatched by similar products.

Experience first-class relaxation while wearing our SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Mask with ultra thin headphones.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

SleepSoftly™ Deluxe features the most technically advanced sleep headphones on the market, with enhanced sound quality and greater battery endurance thanks to their ultra-thin, 4mm speakers and durable, soft coverings.

Key features:

  • Ultra-thin & soft 4mm speakers
  • Adjustable speaker positioning & Velcro strap
  • Up to approx. 12 hours playtime from 1 charge
  • 100% light blocking
  • Breathable & washable material (Hand wash only)
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device 
  • Built-in microphone to answer phone calls  
  • Portable roll-up design  
  • Built-in front zip for a small ice or heat pack 
  • Connect to Siri and use voice commands to control your device (Apple devices only)

What's Included:

  • SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Sleep Mask & Headphones
  • Luxury Storage & Travel Bag
  • Instruction manual (view PDF)
  • Micro USB Charging cable

Why are they so popular?

  • Increasing the amount of quality sleep you achieve each night 
  • Block out light due to them being integrated into a traditional eye mask with a soft nose covering
  • Delivers sound quality that's next to none, enjoy music therapy and sleep sounds
  • Cooling fabric that's breathable
  • They stay put during your sleep regardless of the sleep positions you prefer
  • Hours of playtime due to the long-life battery
  • Ultra-thin flat speakers that cannot be felt by side sleepers
  • Pair with any Bluetooth device
  • Adjustable volume and control panel built in, no need to reach for your phone to control
  • Light pressure around your eyes, with adjustable Velcro strap for different head sizes
  • Light sleepers find these especially effective as they provide extra comfort and can suppress ambient noise.


  • Headphone band: 90% Cotton for comfort
  • Inner lining: 10% blend of Spandex and Polyester, designed with small gaps to enhance breathability and provide a silky cooling feel


  • Classic Deluxe: Uses Bluetooth connectivity to play your own music or ambient sounds via an external device.
  • White Noise Deluxe: Comes with 20 preloaded soothing sounds and 4 tranquil music tracks; No Bluetooth device required for sound playback.



Upgrade to our brand-new built-in White Noise style of the Deluxe Sleep Headphones for a seamless and even more relaxing sleep experience.

Unlike the classic version, this top-of-the-range model comes preloaded with 20 soothing sounds and 4 tranquil music tracks. Best of all, you're not tethered to a Bluetooth device.

Want to switch between White Noise and your own playlist? Simply double press the play button to toggle between White Noise mode and Bluetooth connectivity.

20 Built in sounds: Birds, Babbling Brook, Ocean Waves, Wind, Thunder, Rain Drops, Summer Night, Frogs, Nightime Crickets, Crackling Bonfire, Ambient Coffee House, Fan, Rhythmic Train Journey, Keyboard Taps, Clock, Wind Chimes, White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise & Piano sounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, rest assured that others won't hear your music. Our deluxe sleep mask is designed with directional speakers, meaning sound is projected only on one side. When wearing the mask, ensure the blue side is against your ear, and the black side faces outward. This design ensures your listening experience remains private, whether you're travelling or sharing a bed.

Pair with a Bluetooth Device
Before you can use this product it needs to be paired with your device.
1. Long Press the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds until the LED Status Light starts to flash red and blue alternately.
2. Turn Bluetooth on your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device.
3. Search and select “Musical Eye Mask” from the list of found devices.
4. If a pass code is required, enter “0000”.
5. After it’s paired successfully, only the blue light will flash slowly.
6. When switched on next time, it will automatically search and attempt to
re-connect with the last paired device.

The headphones themselves don't have an integrated timer. However, if they're paired with a Bluetooth device like an iPhone, you can use the Clock app to set a timer that stops the music or sound when time runs out. Additionally, if you're using a sleep-focused app like Calm or Headspace, the headphones will turn off after being idle for three minutes once the story or music ends, helping to save battery for future use.

When using the white noise version there is no built in timer. The white noise will play until manually shut off via the center panel or until the battery depletes.

Absolutely! Everyone's head shape and ear sizes are a bit different, so the first time you put these headphones on, play around with the speaker positions until they feel just right for you. Unzip the top section and move the speakers from inside. Plus, you can take the speakers out when it's time to give them a clean.

Upon receiving your product, you'll find the Velcro strap concealed behind a flap on the rear side. While it may initially elude some, rest assured it's there. This flap serves as a handy feature for storing your headphones, preventing them from clinging to your clothes, especially when packed in luggage. When not in use we recommend keeping them in the pouch.

Yes, you can utilise Siri to control music playback, adjust volume levels, launch apps, and perform other tasks just as you would on your iPhone. Consult the instruction manual for detailed guidance on how to use this feature.

The sound is directed from the speakers through the blue side. Double-check inside your headphones to ensure the blue side of the speakers is facing inward, towards your ears. If the black side is facing inward, you may experience reduced sound quality. The speakers should be directly over your ears to get the most from the sound and adjust the volume accordingly.

Yes, these headphones do not completely block out all sounds, so you will still be able to hear sounds like your phone alarm. However, they are effective at reducing the loudness of other noises in your bedroom, such as your partner's snoring or outside noises. It's a good idea to place your alarm close to your bed for the best results.

The classic Deluxe Sleep Headphones require a Bluetooth connection to play your own music or ambient sounds.

Our new White Noise version offers 20 preloaded soothing sounds and 4 tranquil music tracks for a more versatile experience aswell as the Bluetooth connection.

You can easily switch between Bluetooth and White Noise modes by double-pressing the play button.

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