8 Benefits Of Using Silk Pillows And Sheets At Night

Last Updated: OCT 06, 2022

The benefits of silk pillows and sheets are numerous, especially when it comes to improving sleep. Let's take a look at 8 of them.

1. It helps to regulate your body temperature

Silk is a natural thermal regulator that helps to maintain body temperature throughout the night. As air is trapped between the silk threads, it isolates the heat or keeps the temperature at an ideal level for our bodies. 

2. They are hypoallergenic 

Silk is ideal for people with sensitive or dry skin because it resists dust mites and does not create any dust or odor. Meaning it protects against irritation. Additionally, it reduces friction on your skin in general, so you can sleep comfortably.

3. It's exceptionally comfy

Silk adapts to our body shape which prevents it sliding off during the night. This means we don't end up with our legs or arms exposed, and it helps regulate the right temperature for us.

4. Many skin benefits

In the skin, there are basic building blocks of protein called amino acids. Mulberry silk contains 18 essential amino acids that are known to prevent ageing and moisture loss.

5. Moisture is retained in the hair, reducing the likelihood of bedhead

It is known that cotton pillowcases can dry hair and skin, while silk pillowcases prevent bed head, hair breakage, and retain moisture. Your hair is actually conditioned by amino acids. In particular, if you have curly or frizzy hair, it can prevent breakage.

6. It's light and relaxing

The natural composition of silk makes it cool and soothing to the touch, as well as lightweight.

7. It's durable and long lasting

It doesn't easy wear as silk is tough and resistant while still being naturally flexible.

8. It's free of harmful chemicals

When we lay down to sleep, we want to know that we are in a clean and toxin-free environment. Silk is usually certified to be free of harmful chemicals, toxins and irritants. Be sure to check the label.


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