Can Getting Massages Help You Get A Better Nights Sleep?

Last Updated: NOV 13, 2022

It is said that a one hour massage can provide the body with benefits that are the equivalent to a power nap. Find out how…

As you may know serotonin and melatonin are two hormones that play a vital role in our sleep patterns and research has shown that massage can directly influence the body’s production of both. Well… this is all we needed to convince us that spending that $80 dollars on a massage has other benefits than just the feeling of pure bliss at the time.

Levels of the hormone cortisol are generally elevated in people who are feeling stressed which can lead to insomnia. In the same way that a pregnant woman filled with hormones are advised to get a pregnancy massage, massages can do wonders for the body and can help to reduce the level of cortisol by 30% on average.

Another benefit is in relation to melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone which increases at nightime), it is known to be triggered by the pressure applied during a massage. Consider getting a massage in your home later in the evening if possible, that way you can retain the melatonin hormone and move straight into your sleep routine for the night. Better yet if you have a partner or friend that is feeling particularly kind, they might actually give you one if you ask nicely. Be prepared to return the favour!

We all know that going for a massage with a professional therapist can be expensive so we have listed out some ideas for self-massage care you can do at home.

Massage your feet – You can do this yourself with your hands and your favourite massage oil or if you are lucky enough to have a foot massager that you can fill with water and give yourself a foot spa then go right ahead. Pay close attention to the soles of your feet and make slow circles using your thumb.

Use an electric massager – These are known to improve circulation and general sleep quality for those who have muscle aches and pains. Many have variable speeds so you can select a more relaxing option before bed and often they have heat settings which dilate the blood vessels of the muscles. They are quite cost effective these days which really helps.

Take a bath – while this isn’t a massage therapy option its still known to relax you and sooth the body and mind as part of a healthy bed routine. We suggest putting lavender oil in your bath for added relaxation before bed.