Do We Dream in Colour?

Published: Last Updated: Dec 08, 2022

Have you ever woken up from a dream and wondered, did I just dream in colour? Or were my dreams in black and white? It's an interesting question that has been studied by researchers for decades. Let's dive into the research on whether we typically dream in colour or not.

DO we dream in colour

Dreams Are Mostly In Colour

According to the Australian Psychological Society, most people dream in colour. In a study of 4,000 people aged between 18-90 years old, around 75% said they had dreamed in colour at least once, while only 13% said that they had never dreamed in colour. The remaining 12% reported rarely or occasionally dreaming in colour. This data suggests that dreaming in colour is more common than dreaming in black and white.

What Causes Dreams To Be In Colour?

The cause of why we often dream in colour is still unknown, but experts think that it may be related to how the brain processes visual information while we are awake. During waking hours, the brain processes visual stimuli such as colours and patterns differently than when we are asleep. When we are sleeping, our brains process these same images differently and thus create dreams with unusual colours and shapes which may appear vivid and surreal compared to our regular lives.

The Role Of Memory On Dreams In Colour

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that memory can have an effect on whether or not someone dreams in colour. The study found that people who had a better recollection of their childhood memories tended to have more vivid dreams that were often filled with colours or other types of visuals. On the other hand, those who had poor recall of their past experiences might have fewer colourful dreams because they don't have enough material to draw from when creating their dreamscapes. This suggests that memory plays an important role when it comes to dreaming in colour.

So there you have it - do we dream in colour? Most likely yes! Studies suggest that the majority of us experience vivid and colourful dreams, although some people may only rarely or occasionally experience them due to their memory recall capabilities or lack thereof. Despite this fact, dreaming can still be an incredibly powerful experience regardless of its hue! Regardless of whether you dream in black and white or technicolour - make sure you get plenty of sleep so your brain can rest up for another night's worth of wild adventures!