Sleep Routine Series Introduction

Last Updated: JUN 14, 2021

We know human beings are creatures of habit and we have no doubt that people out there will have sleep habits they have adopted without even realising it. We can learn a lot from other's, especially when they are simple changes we can try and feel benefits of quickly.

A dear friend once introduced me to Magnesium Night Powder (Lemon flavour, yum) and now I genuinely have much longer and deeper sleep by adding this as a part of my night time routine. By experiencing this "ah ha" moment for myself I felt compelled to find out what other sleep habits are common for others and share with our readers.

Introducing "The Sleep Routine Series" do your sleep habits compare?


In order to keep us learning more we are calling all of our readers, friends and family to get involved - What are your sleep habits? Help us learn by taking this simple survey, it take 3-5 mins to complete. We thank you very much for this.