Why Can't I Sleep Without The Light On?

If you’re one of the many Aussies that can’t fall asleep without a light on, you’re not alone. This is a common issue for people who find themselves waking up multiple times during the night or are unable to fall asleep in total darkness. Let's explore why this may be happening and how you can try to break the habit.

why cant i sleep without the light on

Fear of the Dark 

One of the most common explanations for wanting a light on when trying to sleep is that you may be afraid of the dark. This fear, known as nyctophobia, can cause feelings of unease and panic which make it hard for people to fall asleep or stay asleep in a completely dark environment. It's important to remember that being afraid of the dark is completely normal and there are ways to help manage this fear so that you can get better quality rest at night. 

Light Pollution 

Light pollution -or too much artificial light - is increasingly becoming an issue in urban areas around Australia. The bright city lights can make it difficult for people to sleep, especially those who live close to busy roads or have streets lined with streetlights right outside their window. If this sounds like you then investing in blackout curtains, blinds or by trying a sleep mask might be worthwhile as they will help block out any light coming into your room from outside sources.    

Sleep Hygiene Habits 

It may also be worth looking at how well your sleep hygiene habits are working for you as these could be contributing factors as well. Poor sleep hygiene habits include doing things like scrolling through social media before bed or drinking caffeine late at night—both activities which can make it harder for us to relax and drift off into a peaceful slumber without having a light source present. Developing healthy bedtime habits such as exercising regularly during the day, sticking to regular waking and bedtimes, avoiding screens close to bedtime, and creating relaxation rituals such as taking baths or reading books before going to bed can all help promote better quality rest at night. 

How To Break The Habit Of Sleeping With The Lights On?

There are several things you can do to try and change that habit. Firstly, practice good sleep hygiene by creating an environment where it's easy for you to drift off naturally - this means keeping your room dark and cool and avoiding any screens before bedtime. Secondly, try using blackout curtains or an eye mask when going to bed in order to block out any external sources of light and make your room as dark as possible. Finally, speaking with your doctor or trying out relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga can help reduce stress levels before bedtime which will give you the best chance of falling asleep quickly and easily even when it's pitch black in your bedroom.

For many Australians struggling with sleep deprivation, not being able to switch off their lights at night may seem like an insurmountable obstacle. However, by making small changes such as improving the quality of their sleeping environment and practicing relaxation techniques before bedtime, they should be able to break the habit over time and enjoy better quality rest each night! So if you've been asking yourself 'why can't I sleep without a light on', hopefully now you know what steps you can take in order to finally get some shut-eye.