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    Sleeping in a room with a lot of moisture in the air is not ideal. It is ideal for sleeping if the humidity is between 30-50% and should not exceed 60%. If you find you have a high humidity in the air using a dehumidifier is the most effective way to extract the moisture from the air. Consider the size of the water tank that collects the water and how portable you need it to be when selecting your dehumidifier.

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    As a result of your quick response, we could not believe how quickly the order was processed. We are so happy with the diffuser, thank you - I recommend.

    Karen M.
    Sydney, NSW

    Love the weighted blanket, I got the 9kg and its been perfect as its been so cold in VIC this year. Thanks guys.

    Ben L.
    Geelong, VIC

    Great delivery time as sometimes we struggle out here, it arrived in 4 days which is really pretty good.

    Kev F.
    Laguna, NSW

    Love Love Love thank you, I am so happy to find a website that sells all the things I love as I struggle to sleep i'm always looking for new things. I'll be following you on Insta.

    Kate P.
    Manly, QLD

    Thank you so much for supporting me in returning the item. Your customer support was outstanding the product just wasn't what we needed in the end.

    Glenda T.
    Dubbo, NSW
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