The Best Side Sleeper Headphones - Here's Why!

Last Updated: JAN 19, 2024

Sleeping on your side has its advantages, such as improved digestion and reduced snoring. However, finding accessories to complement this sleeping position can be challenging. Traditional headphones are bulky, earbuds are painful, and most sleeping masks slip off as you turn. As a company invested in helping people improve their sleep, we've created a game-changer for side sleepers: The SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones. Below, we delve into the revolutionary features that make this product a must-have for anyone who prefers the side-sleeping position in Australia.

the best side sleeper headphones

The Challenges of Side Sleeping

Before introducing you to the solution, let's briefly discuss the common problems side sleepers face:

  • Inconvenient Audio Solutions: Conventional headphones are bulky and uncomfortable, can have wires and cables and earbuds can dig into your ears as you move onto your side.
  • Light Seepage: Many sleep masks on the market shift when you change onto your side, allowing light to disturb your sleep.
  • Sound Fluctuations: Many sleep headphones alter sound based on your position, which can be distracting and annoying.
  • Discomfort: Many sleep accessories are either too bulky or too thin to provide the necessary cushioning for side sleepers.

Now, let’s compare these challenges with the features of the SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones.

Addressing Side-Sleeping Challenges: A Feature-by-Feature Guide


SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Features

Inconvenient Audio Solutions

Ultra-Thin, Comfortable Speakers: Unlike traditional headphones or earbuds that can be painful for side sleepers, these headphones have ultra-thin 4mm speakers with high quality sound preventing any discomfort. Plus, they’re flexible, so they bend with the natural shape of your ears.

Light Seepage

100% Light Blocking: The design of these headphones ensures zero light intrusion, irrespective of your sleeping position or if you toss and turn in the night.

Sound Fluctuations

Stable Sound Output: Advanced sound technology ensures that your audio experience remains consistent, whether you're on your back or your side.


Cushioned Yet Thin Material: The SleepSoftly™ Deluxe headphones feature a cushioned but thin material that provides just the right amount of support and elevation, making them extremely comfortable to lean on.


Sleepsoftly deluxe side sleeper headphones

The All-Around Comfort Experience

Comfort is not just about one element; it’s about how various features work together to offer you an unparalleled experience.

  • The Material: A blend of 90% cotton for comfort and a 10% mixture of spandex and polyester make these headphones a cool dream to wear. The inner lining even has small gaps to enhance breathability, allowing you to sleep cool even if you are on your side.
  • Strong Velcro Strap: The robust Velcro strap ensures the mask remains firmly in place. As a side sleeper, you can move as much as you want without worrying about readjusting your headphones or them falling out as earplugs and earbuds do.
  • Centralised Control: Control buttons are conveniently located in the middle of the mask, so whether you’re a right-side or left-side sleeper, access to controls is always within reach.

A Seamless Tech Experience

Let’s face it; the integration of technology into sleep products can make or break the experience.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Tangled wires are a thing of the past. SleepSoftly™ Deluxe connects via Bluetooth, ensuring you can move freely.
  • Siri Compatibility: You don’t have to disrupt your comfortable position to make adjustments. With Siri compatibility, voice commands are all you need.
  • Long Battery Life: These headphones boast up to 12 hours of playtime, ensuring you have a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

 side sleeper

Tailored Benefits for Various Lifestyles

For Couples

The SleepSoftly™ Deluxe headphones are designed with couples in mind, particularly those where one or both partners are side sleepers. The localized sound ensures that while you enjoy your choice of sleep sounds, your partner remains undisturbed. This feature allows for greater intimacy as side sleepers can cuddle their partner without interrupting their peaceful slumber with noise from the headphones. It's a win-win for everyone involved, fostering a tranquil shared sleep environment.

For Parents

New parents or those with young children often struggle to get uninterrupted sleep. This is especially challenging for side-sleeping parents who need to ensure their sleep aids stay in place while they tend to their little ones. The SleepSoftly™ Deluxe headphones offer a comforting blend of features, such as stable audio and soft cushioning, that make those brief periods of rest truly count.

For Racing Minds

People with racing minds find it hard to wind down. The mask’s compatibility with various sound platforms means you can listen to anything from calming music to podcasts designed to ease the mind. The added benefit for side sleepers is the stability of the sound quality and the snug fit, ensuring they can enjoy their chosen soundtracks without interruptions.

For Anxiety

Sleep is often elusive for those dealing with anxiety. The combination of light-blocking and comforting sound can serve as a cocoon that calms the nervous system. This is particularly advantageous for side sleepers who will find the speakers' thin, flexible design and strong Velcro straps perfect for maintaining a comforting sleep environment.

For Shift Workers

Shift workers, who need to sleep at odd hours, will find the total blackout feature and high-quality sound very useful in creating a night-time environment. The added benefit for side sleepers is the mask's ability to remain in place, ensuring quality rest even during the day.

Secure Today's Excellence

The SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones are already at the forefront of sleep technology, especially for side sleepers. While we continuously strive for innovation, the current model is engineered with the latest advancements, setting the standard for excellence. By choosing the SleepSoftly™ Deluxe today, you're not just investing in better sleep now but are also purchasing a product that is projected to maintain its status as the best option for side sleepers through 2024 and beyond.

Fast Delivery

When you order this product, it is dispatched within 24 working hours from Australia. No waiting for international shipping or paying additional customs fees - fast, reliable service right from here in Aus.

Say goodbye to the discomfort, tangled wires, and sleep interruptions. Embrace the future of sleep with the SleepSoftly™ Deluxe Bluetooth Sleep Headphones. They don’t just promise a good night.